It started with a chat around the fire……

The best part of the outdoors?:

– to be there!

The second best part of the outdoors?:

– is to sit and look on  photos and text from others who is outdoors…..

The Idea:

The idea is to collect outdoor photos, text, and information with some easy and digital collecting tools and expose that in a free “Likes Out Magazine” – from outdoor people to outdoor people.

The idea is to collect and make it to a digital magazine to be read on a PC, Mac, Ipad, or Telephone.

Next steps?

Done the next steps!:

1. Bought a digital collecting machine (check)

2. Bought a design software (check)

3. Bought a digital magazine machine (check)

4. Bought a web site (check)


5. Have outdoor mates and outdoor people on sites ( Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc) – and need to motivate them to upload/send in their phtos and text.

Mailing them: 27. May. 2015.


Bjørn @Heidenstrom