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1. Collecting for new outdoor mag

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2. Making a new outdoor mag edition

We need 50 photos with informative text before we make a new edition. Want to see a draft and test edition? It is here...

3. Shouting: New Outdoor Mag is here!

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4. Read and dream about next outdoor trip

The goal is to give you a "Likes Outdoor Magazine" every time we have 50 photos with good text and information. Be a part of it?

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1. Upload your outdoors  (or/and)

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We hope your photos are in the next edition:

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1-Hurum and Røyken Norway  www.bjornheidenstrom com   08.07.2012 16-31-18

The easy and light uploading tool for your photos

We have the large and big upload form here. The easy and light? – Thats here! – Start to fill in under:

We highly recommend photo amateurs (like we are) to Go uploding now!!!

Go uploding here now!

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Out Mag on Facebook

Okay, we have one friend, but made it for 5 sec ago. We will be bigger and conquer the world if you join the Outdoor family. Join the family here

Uploading tool ready!

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The first test edition

It´s just Bjorn in the test edition. that is boring! – so please upload some of your outdoors. And, we are not super designers, but we will get some on...



The vision has a stiff text and a honest text. The stiff: “collect photos and information from outdoor people and make a magazine to outdoor people” The honest: “I want to...


  It started with a chat around the fire…… The best part of the outdoors?: – to be there! The second best part of the outdoors?: – is to sit...